Think haulage, think Imperial Portage Services Limited. We don’t just provide reliable land transport for your cargo, we also deliver peace of mind, because your goods are as precious to us as they are to you. 

supply chain management

From the warehouse or plant to your doorstep and everything in between: that’s our expertise.

We understand the terrain of importation, and all aspects of the value chain that get the goods to you.

We import civilian goods, and military supplies.

energy & infrastructure

We are fastidious about quality, compliance and the sustainable use of resources in every project phase.

Leverage our partnerships with key players in oil and gas industry for engineering supplies, trading, community and government liaison.

Imperial Portage Services Limited are all you need for that industry project.


People are an organization’s most valuable resource. 

Take advantage of our experience in training and consultancy, for the best results in your team.  

About us

“Complex” ends here

Few companies are Jack of many trades, and even fewer are masters of all. Only one, however, provides top-notch expertise for all listed services, and that’s Imperial Portage Services Limited.

We kicked off on 26 March 2018, with the aim of harnessing our strengths, and leveraging the partnerships we had built with key players in our fields of interest, and with strong partnerships in the USA, Israel and China.

Our ethos is founded on people and meeting their needs, and here’s why we provide top-notch supply chain management for civilian goods and military equipment.

Beyond that, we are valuable players in transportation as well as the oil and gas industry, where we supply engineering equipment, and executive strategic community and government liaison.

That’s not all; we also provide training and consultancy services, to actualize your human resource management objective. We can even provide tactical training for military personnel.

At Imperial Portage Services, we put your needs at the centre of our processes from start to finish, and imbibe a culture of accessibility and empathy, to put your mind at ease. 

With us, you won’t have to navigate the complexities involved in getting your needs met, because, we will do the hard work for you.

We are highly driven

Our Service Philosophy

Considering our antecedents and where we’ve been, it’s safe to say that we’re quite understated. Following are the ideals that drive us.


We deal in such a way that you feel and know you are part of the process.


We are not aloof. We demonstrate an understanding of your needs, and are never far away.


We don’t skimp or cut corners. We know the far-reaching effect of negligence, and adopt a total quality management approach to our work process.


We keep our engagement simple and efficient. Results are what matter to us.

We listen. Ask us